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RFID application using .net with C#

by smita
Posted on 27 August, 2010


I want to create one simple RFID application in .net using C#.

But i new to rfid technology.

can any one tell me about how can we develop it.

I have rfid reader , passive tags and gps device to send the logs to server.

i just want to read the rfid tag and store it to sql server 2005 database

Please Help me

Thanks in advance

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by shahnawaz Hamid posted on 07 September, 2010
you are using a very general term
kindly tell about the detail of device
I mean is it with USB connection or serial or IP
by smita posted on 08 September, 2010

Thanks for reply.

I have M1 device with RFID reader.

I want to create one simple application in which we read the rfid tag and will store it to database.

using that id i want to fetch some data from another database.

haw can i achieve it?

Thanks in advance
by kashtro posted on 01 September, 2010
You Just ,
by anilkumar posted on 11 April, 2011
hi ,
i am having RFID Reader and Writer  HIGH Frequency device . its working properly then how can i get card information and how can i write my own id into that card?  please mail to and it is a usb device.
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